About us

Astute Educational Services has over two decades of high-quality teaching record that provides to the local suburbia high standard public, private and select entry schooling needs. We provide expert educational guidance, support and tutoring for students in all levels of primary and secondary Science and Mathematics disciplines.

Our staff are highly motivated and dedicated to exceptional skills to cater to the varied needs of students.  

The focus of training is to provide skill sets needed to be an independent learner. The teaching and learning styles are delivered based on individual learner needs drawing connections to school curriculum, home learning and real-life experiences. The student's life passions and career needs are continuously assessed. Relevant support to the transition of university academic life is provided at an individual level. You can expect continued support on a daily basis with blended learning which includes online and face-to-face sessions tailored to individual specific needs. Class size is capped at 6 students to enable individualised learning.